Sanitary & Incontinence Waste


• High grade clinical waste bags
• For non-infectious waste
• Delivered to your door
On Demand collection service


Previously known as ‘Category E Clinical Waste’, with a European Waste Code 18-01-04 or 20-01-99, this waste includes Nappies from children’s nurseries, crèches, play centres etc.

It also includes Incontinence waste from care homes, sanitary wastes, soiled bedding etc. or other wastes that have been assessed as non-infectious by risk assessment and is disposed of in yellow bags with a black ‘Tiger’ stripe. These are collected on a regular scheduled basis or can be provided on an ‘On Demand’ service.

Wastes that have been produced from the treatment of non-infectious patients and are contaminated with body fluids, for example:

  • Personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, aprons), non-infectious
  • Wipes, dressings, plasters, bandages – non-infectious
  • Incontinence waste – non-infectious
  • Empty saline or glucose IV bags and tubing (no active medicines added) – non-infectious
  • Soiled sanitary towels and tampons – from public and work based female toilets
  • Nappies – from baby changing areas and nurseries

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