Washroom Services and Products

We are the largest independent Washroom Service provider in the South Wales region, with customers ranging from local business, to NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Government Agencies etc. We pride ourselves on our customer focus and continually strive to provide an unparalleled level of service – at highly competitive rates.



Supporting local business

At Natural UK we understand the importance of discretion and good communication at all times. We adhere to strict environmentally-friendly practices and are committed to sourcing products locally and supporting local business. We supply a wide range of equipment and cater for all markets – from a bi-lingual children’s range to a designer range for the most exclusive facilities.

Our Promise

With a strict environmentally-friendly business philosophy, at Natural UK we specialise in the provision of exceptionally high levels of service, delivered through new and innovative methods.

Our Experience

Through our comprehensive range of washroom products and in-depth knowledge of our markets, we can transform all of your washroom areas. We listen to your exact requirements & advise on industry best practice.


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For more information about our services, call us on 01269 845 554 or contact us…




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