We are very grateful to Adam Price, Member of the Senedd for Wales, for taking the time to visit us and for asking some business critical questions at the Senedd. We are incredibly grateful for the cross party support we have received from the Welsh Government. To see the video on Facebook CLICK HERE


“I was delighted to champion the efforts of NappiCycle, based in Capel Hendre, in the Senedd this week. They’re a great example of an innovative company that is putting Carmarthenshire on the map!”

“Roeddwn i’n falch iawn o hyrwyddo ymdrechion NappiCycle, o Gapel Hendre, yn y Senedd yr wythnos hon. Maen nhw’n enghraifft wych o gwmni arloesol sy’n rhoi Sir Gaerfyrddin ar y map!”
Adam Price, Member of the Senedd for Wales