P-Wave Urinal Screen Deodorisers


• Anti Splash
• Reduces Bad Smells
• Last for thirty days


These P-Wave Urinal Screen Deodorisers are great for keeping your urinal smelling clean and fragranced for thirty days. The anti-splash feature will keep your toilet area clean and they release optimised bacteria which helps break down the causes of smells in drains. The P-Wave is manufactured in a cold process, keeping all the fragrance, leaving the urinal area smelling fresh and clean.

Anti Splash – Urinals often cause unwanted urine to ‘splash’ out onto the surrounding area. This may land on the floor, on the dividing screens or even on the person using the urinal. Urine on the floor often gets into grout between tiles and is then difficult to remove by general cleaning, this causes bad smells that can linger. Uric acid will also damage floor finishes, which can be seen by dull floor finishes under and around urinals. The P-Wave Urinal Deodoriser is designed with anti-splash fingers which break the stream of urine on contact preventing splash. No splash means less cleaning and less chance of residual smells coming from floors.

Reduces Bad Smells – A build up of uric acid in the drain and trap is another cause of smell in a urinal. The P-Wave Urinal Deodoriser releases optimised bacteria that breaks down the causes of smells in drains and traps, reducing bad smells emanating from them.

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