Premium Range Hand Dryer


• Suitable for up to 300 plus uses per day
• Dry time (in-house tested): 15 Seconds
• Cost per 1,000 dries: 30p – £1 (93.3 – 98% saving against paper towels)
• Rated Power: 0.6 kW – 2 kW | 2.5 – 8.33 Wh per dry
• Two angled blades of air dry both hands separately yet at the same time
• HEPA filtered air
• Low noise – Quiet Mark approved


The Viper utilises the latest in modern blade technology. Two angled blades of air simultaneously scrape moisture from the hands providing a rapid and consistent dry which is not so easy to achieve from a single outlet. This fast drying, yet quiet hand dryer can be set to a really energy efficient 600-800W by switching off its heater element, saving you money and reducing energy usage. These are proving popular with restaurants, shopping centres and offices due to their robust build and quiet in operation noise levels.

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