Roller Towel Cabinets


• Minimum impact on the environment
• Do not require an electrical supply



• Cotton towels also have minimum impact on the environment (unlike alternative paper products)

• Ideal for industries such as manufacturing, construction or farming, where workers come into daily contact with oil and grease or for remote locations without electricity.

Each roller towel is contained in a unit which, as used, separates the dirty and clean parts of the cotton towel. There is always therefore a clean section of towel for the next person to use and helps stop bins in washroom areas becoming full of dirty tissues and paper towels.

Being made from cotton, roller towels have superior drying power when compared with other methods, helping to limit the spread of bacteria. Additionally, roller towels are effective at removing soap, dirt and dead skin cells from the hands as they are dried, providing you with extra assurance that your hands are completely clean and dry.

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