It is undisputable that the restrictions that have been imposed upon us all by COVID-19 have had an enormous effect on every aspect of our lives and businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses have suffered catastrophically but, at Natural UK, it gave us an opportunity to strengthen our position and provide a more robust and flexible service to all of our customers:

• We invested greatly in the purchasing of new wheelie bins, to cater specifically for both Covid-19 & the associated additional PPE waste generated. Our stock holding has never been so high!

• We were asked to provide services direct to the NHS in Wales for all of the new field hospitals, test centres and vaccination centres; we have provided a credible and trustworthy solution to assist with a national emergency and will continue to run this daily service to the NHS throughout Wales, until this service is no longer required.

• We increased our fleet capability with the addition of many new vehicles, specifically for the safe collection and transportation of all separately collected Covid waste. This also gave us an opportunity to recruit additional drivers, fully trained on the safe collection, handling, transportation, disposal and recording of both hazardous and offensive hygiene wastes.

The pandemic gave us an opportunity to rethink our current strategy and relationship with our suppliers. We will always have the interests of our customers at the forefront of our thoughts and hope that we will maintain our relationships with them all for many years to come.

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