Cynnal Cymru (Sustain Wales) member, The Pelican Nursery in Cardiff, are now using the services of NappiCycle, in their drive ‘Towards Zero Waste’ and turning what was previously considered a waste now into a resource.

The Pelican Nursery – Meithrinfa y Pelican, is Wales’ only Welsh-language, eco-day-nursery. The nursery recycles as much as possible on a daily basis (with even the wooden signage made from reclaimed floorboards from Merthyr Hospital) and Sara Williams, manager at the Pelican Nursery, is delighted to know that their nappy waste is now avoiding the traditional landfill disposal route, particularly considering the volumes of nappy waste produced by nurseries.

Together, we are also jointly exploring a pilot project to expand this nappy recycling service to parents of children in the Pelican Nursery, enabling parents to bring their domestic nappy waste to the nursery for collection. This is the first step in expanding NappiCycle to a wider market and possibly working with all local authorities for doorstep collection.

“Using NappiCycle underpins our ethos. When showing potential parents the nursery we explain how we recycle all nappies, they are impressed that such a thing can be done and are very interested in learning more. I believe it is a service that many parents would be keen to get more involved with and we are happy to be part of a pilot that can have such a positive impact on landfill avoidance”
Sara Williams, Manager at the Pelican Nursery

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