We are delighted to announce NappiCycle, the exciting new waste recovery process that we now offer to local authorities throughout the UK. The Welsh Assembly Government’s policy framework, Towards Zero Waste, aims to reduce dependency on landfill and specifically targets biodegradable waste in landfill sites, such as Nappies, Adult Incontinence pads and Feminine Hygiene products (AHP’s). The report highlights that by 2025, there will be a significant reduction in waste (of around 27% of 2007 levels) and any waste that is produced must be managed in a way that makes the most of our valuable resources.

There is also a legal obligation to consider the Waste Hierarchy in relation to waste generated and ensure all practical efforts have been taken to minimise environmental impact. Landfill disposal is the very last option. With our new Hydro-recovery process, we can now offer a local, cost-effective solution to this problem. Through collaboration and support from the Welsh Government, Natural UK has pioneered a radical, innovative process to recover the plastics and cellulose material that would previously have been sent to landfill. In the UK alone, it is estimated that there are in excess of 1 million tonnes of Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP’s) disposed of annually.

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