Recently, the management team at Natural UK gave up their time to assist in the creation of a dementia / sensory garden at the Hollins Care Centre, located in the centre of Cimla, near Neath.

The Home had been planning to create a Dementia Garden that would be suitable for their 92 clients, families and friends. We at Natural UK were determined to help create this safe, tranquil haven within a sensory and visionary setting. We rolled up our sleeves and, using our green fingers and some rudimentary DIY skills, helped turn the garden into a reality. A spokesperson from The Hollins said:

“Our neighbours are able to visit the care home and we will encourage them to spend time in our garden as this will encourage other stimulation within the care home. We hope that a beautiful garden will provide year-round pleasure for our residents and our neighbours who may be living with dementia.”

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