Did you know that from 1st July 2013, the Environment Agency has imposed a legal requirement to ensure that Care Homes providing Nursing or Medical care carry out periodic Pre-Acceptance audits of clinical waste streams – before it can be accepted at a Disposal site? This Pre-Acceptance audit details the: Handling Packaging Segregation Waste procedures at each location and Summarises the composition of all waste leaving the producer. It is designed to ensure there are set policies for the handling of clinical waste and evidence the documentation relating to the collection and disposal of waste generated; it also reviews the onward transportation and record retention procedures on-site.

The purpose is to guarantee that the waste is properly treated without harm to human health or the environment. It is now a legal requirement that you must provide us with this pre-acceptance information, or the Environment Agency could take enforcement action against you and, by law, we may no longer be able to handle your waste. It should be highlighted that it is the responsibility of the producer to generate this audit – and not the waste contractor.

Failure to do this may leave you in breach of your duty of care responsibilities, which can lead to prosecution and unlimited fines. If you would like any assistance in this matter, please give us a ring and we will be happy to help.

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